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Growing up in a small New England town with a mother who was an antiquarian it was inevitable that I would be exposed to old things. After graduating from UMass/Amherst I lived in Connecticut, taught school, married, and raised three children in suburbia. A move to Newburyport MA renewed my interest in all things old. This background has now evolved into research, writing, consulting and all the things I love to do.

Prudence Fish

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The road leading to the North Shore, Essex County and a life devoted to the identification and preservation of our architectural heritage was circuitous.

After growing up in the picturesque hills of Central Massachusetts I relocated to  Connecticut.  It was a nice town and my home was comfortable and cozy but something was missing in my life.  I remember the day I realized what was wrong.
Home Sweet Childhood Home
Someone asked me if I lived in the corner house on Church Hill Road.  The next question was, "Did you buy that house new or used?"  New or used!  I had never in my life thought of houses as new or used.  Then and there I realized that I didn't want to live in a place where houses were labeled "new" or "used".  And so the seeds were planted.  We would move back to Massachusetts.

My Cozy Connecticut House on the Corner
This transition didn't happen over night.  I wanted to live in Gloucester until one fateful day when we went to Newburyport and I was smitten.  Old houses were everywhere!  It didn't take long for us to find a three story Federal period house built in 1800.  One step over the threshold and we knew this would be our home!

And so six weeks later, here we were, back in our home state just in time for Thanksgiving, thrilled to be here and in love with our house, our new friends and the community.  My interest in old houses was unleashed in earnest.

Newburyport!  Federal!

I don't live there any longer.  Now I live in Gloucester in the Village of Lanesville on beautiful Cape Ann.  I never looked back and now, forty years later, my enthusiasm for old houses has not waned.  I love New England and saving its houses is my mission!

My Gothic Cape in Lanesville

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Prudence (Prudy or Pru) Fish

Blogging is new to me. I want to use this space to tell interesting stories about antique houses  with an occasional side trip into genealogy or even flea market finds and other old things.  I hope to educate, entertain and above all I would like inspire my readers.


  1. I have always loved old houses, too. I don't live in an old one now, but love the old houses we have here in Maine.

  2. Your blog is beautiful! I look forward to reading all you will have for us here, warmly, Edyth

  3. So glad you are blogging about these wonderful old homes. Already looking forward to your next post.

  4. I live in the hills of central MA in neither an old or antique house but would love to! I am eager to follow along as you share more with us!

    1. Linda, I grew up in the hills of central MA in the Town of Templeton, north of Worcester.
      Do you know that area?


  5. I grew up loving old houses tho I don't live in a truly old one. Congratulations on your new blog. I'm going to love reading more. New England is my favorite area.

  6. GO GIRL! Give us a piece of your mind! Always love to hear it!

    That Newburyport house! And what a fabulous house you had as a girl!

    Did you id the location of the pink house? Gorgeous photo! And the best is the charming drawing of your house.

    1. Thanks, Lise. The faded red 1759 house is at 307 High St. in Ipswich. I restored it with partners in the 80s. More to follow soon on that project..

  7. Pru, I love your blog and passion for old homes. I'm also smitten by your stories and photos; I lived in Newburyport as a child, before my family moved to Haverhill. I went to college in Wenham, kept my boat at a marina in Gloucester, and rode my bicycle over every road in Essex County. It is an absolutely gorgeous area. Please keep writing and posting.

  8. I love old houses, especially saltbox houses. I look forward to your next post and thank Edyth for helping us find you. Your book on Gloucester houses looks very interesting also! ~Christine